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Afro Baobab Events is the first African-themed event company in the UAE, founded in 2022 with the vision to become the preferred partner for African-themed event services in the UAE. Recognised for our commitment to delivering premium, personalized, and authentic experiences, we craft experiences that celebrate African traditions and showcase African cuisine, dance, art, and décor. We offer tailored corporate team bonding events, private events, and traditional instrument performances. Afro Baobab Events are for corporates, schools, hotels, and diverse individuals who want to experience the richness and diversity of African culture. Our goal is to take our clients on a timeless surprising journey that will leave a lasting impression and make our guests travel to African lands without ever leaving Dubai

Meet Saran, the visionary founder of Afro Baobab Events! Born in France and raised in the vibrant city of Conakry, Guinea, Saran brings a unique blend of cultures to her entrepreneurial journey. A proud mother of three children, Saran's journey began in the world of finance, where she gained invaluable experience in investment banking and credit insurance.

Driven by a desire for flexibility and a passion for African culture, Saran embarked on a remarkable entrepreneurial venture with the creation of Afro Baobab Events. Her deep-rooted love for traveling and exploring different cultures, coupled with a commitment to showcasing the richness of African heritage, fuels the mission of her venture.

Saran's dedication to fostering cultural connections and creating memorable experiences is evident in every event curated by Afro Baobab. As a dynamic entrepreneur, she not only embraces her African roots but also strives to share the beauty of the continent with the world.

With Saran at the helm, Afro Baobab Events stands as a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit, celebrating diversity, and bridging cultures through the magic of events.


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