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Afro Baobab Events is a black female owned company which offers the opportunity to engage with African culture by sharing dynamic and creative artistic experiences that create a sense of unity and team spirit. Afro Baobab Events wants to disrupt misconceptions and break barriers by revealing the richness and beauty of African culture. Along with various artistic experiences, we will cook authentic African cuisine chosen from our personalised menu to make the client’s journey complete. Additionally, our wide range of corporate team building activities, birthday parties and school workshops will take all participants out of their comfort zone and bring fun and an energetic ambiance.

Our goal is to take our clients on a timeless, and surprising journey that will leave a lasting impression on their mind.

We are bringing Africa to our clients without leaving their homes or offices and even classrooms!

Hey there!

I am Saran, Founder of Afro Baobab Events, the first African themed event company in Dubai that offers the opportunity to immerse in West African culture by sharing unique, authentic and personalised experiences at home or offices. 

I was inspired to create this company because I wanted to break barriers by revealing the richness and beauty of West African culture. The rich and diverse African culture varies not only from one country to another, but within each country as well.

I love my culture and I am so excited to show Afro Baobab’s guests the wonderful aspects of West African culture, which is a culture that is about joy, togetherness, unity, tasty food, dance, music, art and much more.

My goal is to take Afro Baobab’s guests on a timeless, unique and surprising journey that will leave a lasting impression on their mind. 

Be ready!!


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