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Educational Workshops

Embark on an enriching educational adventure with our  “Let’s Travel to West Africa” workshop tailored exclusively for nursery, schools, universities and staff members!

Immerse students in the vibrant and diverse cultures, histories, and ecosystems of the African continent, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for this extraordinary part of the world.

Our expert facilitators will guide students through an engaging and interactive experience, offering a unique blend of hands-on activities, captivating presentations, and immersive storytelling.



We offer a variety of services below that you can pick and choose from:


African drumming offers a wide range of benefits that encompasses both educational and development aspects. Some key advantages are cultural and rhythmic awareness, fine and gross motor skills, listening and concentration, teamwork and cooperation.

African Art

We introduce the rich and diverse world of African art through fun and educational workshops that will foster creativity and appreciation for different artistic styles. We offer various art activities like African symbols and traditional mask workshop, group art project, beadwork and jewellery making, etc. that participants can pick and choose from.

Traditional African Dance

We introduce our young participants to the diversity of African traditional dance styles and foster appreciation for cultural diversity. Dancing promotes physical activity, coordination and rhythm.

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